Dedicated to the well-being and economic status

of women in the Kings and Annapolis Counties

Women's History Month 2020

This year with the arrival of COVID-19 and the restrictions on gathering, the Women's Place Resource Centre decided to plan a virtual celebration of a woman who had inspired another though her actions, teachings and kindness. The community was asked for nominations and to write a short description of why. We are pleased to announce the successful recipient Linda Hulme Leahy and have a picture of her along with the description written by the nominator.

Linda Hulme Leahy
Description (nominator):
When I first met Linda Hulme Leahy several years ago, she struck me as vivacious, fantastic and bombastic. She proved to me as our friendship grew to be all these things and more! Her ability to bring light to a room and energy to a cause is amazing! Not only has she put her best foot forward with the local community hall through fundraising, social media and physical work, but her addition of a Little Free Library in Round Hill has made for some great opportunities. Her art work which focuses on the feminine story, evolution and general mystique never fails to turn the head. Her passion is clear and she gives no quarter when it comes to women's rights. This is the woman to have in your court and coming to know her has been an honour. I have learned so much from her kind words, her fierce rebukes to society and her driven abilities. She has inspired me to continue my studies by being the only woman I know who went back to school as a senior student to pursue her love of the written word. Her depth of knowledge always awes me, and her commitment to community is astounding.
In the short time since she has been here, I have watched her work with youth through the theatre, set up gallery exhibits to stir the passions and invoke questions about gender, and speak up especially when it was most difficult. Even when ill her drive to make things work and bring new opportunities never stops. She is a founding member of the Annapolis Caremongers, and she ran deliveries, made phone calls to the lonely and made every day since March a little easier for those around her. I nominate her today in hopes that her amazing spirit is recognized. This woman is going to leave a legacy of love behind, and will never back down when the right thing must be done!
By: Maria Morrison

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