Dedicated to the well-being and economic status

of women in the Kings and Annapolis Counties

Our Philosophy

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The Famous Five: Emily Murphy, Irene Marryat Parlby, Nellie Mooney McClung, Louise Crummy McKinney, and Henrietta Muir Edwards


We are inspired by the women we meet; to investigate, research, develop, speak out, inform, implement change, remember and celebrate all women and their challenges.

The Western Area Women's Coalition is proud to remember the programs and accomplishments in the name of "Women".



  • Community Lunches Focusing on Nutrition or Documentary Films
  • The "Step-Up Program" and "Step-Up for Seniors"; Stepping-Out and Stepping-Out with DALA
  • Computer Basics
  • Targeted Initiative for the Older Worker (TIOW) currently called "Age Advantage"
  • Pensions Projects and Information Sessions
  • Self Defence Courses for Women
  • The "International Child Assault Prevention Program" (ICAP) in Annapolis County, Elementary Schools
  • Served Tea for Breast Cancer Awareness
  • The Purple Ribbon Campaign
  • Information Sessions and Documentary Film... "The Hypersexuality of Girls"
  • "Take Back the Night"
  • Women in Business Programs
  • Community Lunches Celebrating Individual Women e.g. Edith Cromwell, Theresa McNeil
  • Women's History Month Tributes, Lunch with the Lt. Governor of Nova Scotia - Mayann Francis
  • Workshops on Preserving Food
  • "The Pensions Game" ..Introducing the "what and why" of pensions to High School Students
  • Workshops on Legal Rights and "Divorce Kit" training sessions
  • Housing Issues, partnering with the Marine Resource Centre
  • Land Survey and Forestry Sessions for women
  • Meet the Candidates Evenings
  • Jane's Fund... Information Sessions..."Silent Witness"
  • Provided transportation to airports, court proceedings; met women in their place of residence or at the centre, in the community; listened non-judgementally, provided emotional support, empowerment and required referrals.
  • Published "The Road Here": Stories from Senior Women in Rural Nova Scotia...edited & photographed by Rachel Brighton (out of print).
  • Presented along with Digby & Area Theatre Society, "Travelling the Road" written by Hal Theriault; inspired by "The Road Here".
  • Celebrated International Women's Day..."Sisters in Steel" a "hammer-in" of women who forge.
  • Published "Senior Women on the Move": moving and living in Annapolis County. Specifically written for seniors.
  • Lending Library
  • Soup Tasting sessions at area Food Banks which included 'new' foods, nutritional information and recipes using items received at the food bank.
  • Empower and support women during difficult times.
  • Accompany women to meetings or court;  providing peer support.
  • Speak to community groups about aging; how to say 'No'; making changes; nutrition.
  • Hosted election forums (Municipality) in Digby, Annapolis and King's Counties.

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