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Misogyny Robs Nova Scotia Communities


Over a quarter of all violent crimes in the country are a result of family violence. (2016 Stats Can)

Although the mass murders recently in Nova Scotia did not target only women it appears from media reports that those horrendous acts of violence had been fuelled form domestic violence behavior. In Statistics Canada's 2018 report of police-reported homicides throughout the country, they said women account for about eight in ten victims killed by a current or previous spouse or intimate partner. 

Allegedly a fight ensued at a party between the murderer and his girlfriend and after returning home she was assaulted and luckily managed to escape. He then began a killing rampage of 22 innocent people in numerous communities of northern Nova Scotia. This misogynistic violence robbed their lives and left loss, pain, and suffering to countless families and friends.

These senseless acts of misogyny and its hatred affect all of us. It must end!! Whenever we hear or see this behavior, recognize it for what it is. HATRED. We as a society must name and speak out against it.

"Our hearts go out to the families of the victims and to the RCMP who are also grieving the loss of their colleague. We are grateful for those dedicated law enforcement individuals who put their lives at risk daily", said Della Longmire, Executive Director of the Women's Place Resource Centre.

We at the Women's Place Resource Centre are saddened and deplored by these horrendous acts of violence. We stand united with our communities, working to address the issue of violence, particularly misogynistic violence against women and girls. With strength, we will remember those fallen too soon and work toward a place free from all violence.

The Women's Place Resource Centre has been serving and empowering women and families across the Annapolis Valley for over 28 years. The WPRC is committed to affecting change on four core issues - violence, economics, equality, and leadership. Women's Place Resource Centre - 902-532-1898.

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